Patient Referral Service

Trying to find the right physician to care for yourself or a family member can be challenging, especially if you are not sure which service area you should contact. Mount Sinai Access is comprised of a group of dedicated nurses, available to assist patients and their family members during this stressful period. We are compassionate, listen carefully, and will contact one of our top specialists to care for you. We will expedite an outpatient appointment, expedite bed placement when an admission is required, or coordinate an inter-hospital transfer. We are committed to being of service every step of the way. Welcome to Mount Sinai Access, where patients are our priority.

Expediting Appointments

You or a loved one has been diagnosed with an illness requiring specialized treatment. What is your next step? Mount Sinai Access will speak directly with the physician on your behalf and expedite an appointment, sometimes as quickly as the next day with one of our highly trained specialists.

Patient Transfer

If you or a loved one is admitted to another hospital, do you know you have the right to transfer your relative or yourself to the Mount Sinai Health System? All you will need to do is notify the physician currently caring for you or the patient, and Mount Sinai Access will handle the rest. We speak directly with one of our physicians, and facilitate a consultation between the two physicians to discuss your condition. Additionally, we work with our Finance Department to obtain authorization from your insurance company and will identify the appropriate bed assignment so that our team may continue your treatment without interruption.