Research Studies

Unlike many clinical programs for feeding and eating disorders, our program includes both a research component as well as a clinical program. Our research program involves the study of all types of eating disorder pathology and weight among a diverse group of individuals from the NY Metro area. These research studies are vital to the operation of our program, as they provide treatment to individuals who might not be able to afford treatment. Additionally, results from these studies help us continue to employ the most effective courses of therapy for our patients. Our research studies have garnered our clinic much acclaim from international conferences, peers in the field of eating disorders, and fellow clinicians. We continue to publish findings from these research studies to both further the body of knowledge on the treatment of eating disorders, and also improve treatment outcomes. All of the research we conduct is designed to ultimately improve the lives of individuals suffering from any of the problems discussed above.

Current Areas of Research

Our research generally focuses on two areas: (1) understanding biological (e.g., genes, hormones) and psychological mechanisms that may affect the development and maintenance of feeding and eating disorders, and (2) examining novel treatments for feeding and eating disorders.

Researchers in our lab are also involved in the study of anabolic steroids and other Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs