Mount Sinai Doctors-Brooklyn Heights Telemedicine Services

Mount Sinai Doctors-Brooklyn Heights offers telemedicine/video appointments to maximize the patient experience and efficiency. We recognize during this heightened alert about COVID-19, that this convenient service is extremely helpful by reducing your potential risk of exposure. Used primarily for selected new and follow-up care that do not require a physical exam, these appointments may be made for certain visit types and physicians within our Internal Medicine, Primary Care, Pediatrics, and specialty practices.  

Telemedicine is an effective channel to receive quality care without the need of commuting for your appointment. Our patients enjoy the various benefits of real-time video visits, which can include prescribing medications if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Telemedicine

Which physicians participate in telehealth appointments?

What types of appointments can take place via video visits?
As noted above, we predominantly use video visits method for wellness new and follow-up visits that do not require a physical exam.  Please call us at 929-210-6000 with any questions about which visits are applicable for a video visits.

How do I book a telemedicine appointment?
In preparation for your upcoming video visit appointment, you will be REQUIRED to use your smart device including a iPhone, iPad, Android, Google Phone, Tablet and the MyChart app to connect to your video visit appointment. A guide to using the Mount Sinai MyChart App can be found here.

Go to your App store, search for "MyChart", and download the app with the red folder icon and white heart.

How do I get ready for my video visit?
It is necessary to log into your MyChart app 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to complete/review your personal information beforehand and to ensure that you are able to connect to your video visit so that you may begin your appointment on time.   The software for video visits automatically closes the visit if not checked in by the appointment time.

Follow the below steps to connect to your video visit appointment.

  1. Open the MyChart app on your smart-device
  2. Search for "Mount Sinai" as your healthcare provider network, select MY MOUNT SINAI CHART
  3. Log into your MyChart account
  4. Select Appointments to get to your scheduled video visit appointment
  5. Select eCheck-In to review the required check-in portion of your visit
  6. A green camera icon will appear, click on your appointment
  7. Begin video visit by clicking on Begin Visit button

Is my healthcare information safe while participating in this online visit?
Mount Sinai employs encrypted, HIPAA-compliant technology to connect you to our doctors. No one is present in the room with the doctor or listening on the line; you can confidently discuss your health in an environment of secure privacy.

Is there a copay for a telemedicine visit?
Yes, there is a copay for appointments not related to COVID-19. If you are seeking a telemedicine consult for cold and flu symptoms please use Mount Sinai Now Virtual Video Visit