Disorders or injuries affecting the brain and the nervous system can produce a variety of symptoms, such as muscle weakness or coordination problems that may be signs of more serious conditions. At Mount Sinai Doctors-Brooklyn Heights, our team approach is to work alongside your primary care physician and specialists to carefully diagnose your condition and create the right treatment plan for you. 

Conditions We Treat

Our dedicated neurologist at Mount Sinai Doctors-Brooklyn Heights, Christine Fitzpatrick, MD, will work with you to reach an accurate diagnosis and create a personalized care plan to manage conditions including:

  • Headache disorders
  • Adult epilepsy—a chronic condition that causes seizures and may also cause other neurological problems
  • Neuromuscular disorders—a broad spectrum of conditions that affect the nervous system outside the brain and the spinal cord, such as ALS, neuropathy, muscle disease
  • Neuropsychiatric and neuropsychological disorders—behavioral, emotional, memory, and cognitive problems
  • Movement disorders—a wide range of disorders that affect movement including Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, essential tremor, and ataxia
  • Stroke and critical care—coordinating treatment for life-threatening diseases of the nervous system including stroke, seizures, and brain tumors