Mount Sinai Neurology Stories

Many people trust Mount Sinai Neurology to care for a full range of neurological conditions with the best medicine, backed by the newest research, delivered by doctors who take their time and listen to patients. Read more about their experiences.

5-Month-Old Baby Girl, Sent Home by Two Hospitals, Is Diagnosed With Infantile Spasms and Given Immediate Care at The Mount Sinai Hospital
When baby Aaliyah started to have small seizures, her mother, Faustina Cavero, knew something was wrong. After her concerns were dismissed at two separate hospital emergency rooms, Mount Sinai’s experts in Pediatric Neurology diagnosed infantile spasms and immediately admitted her baby. 

Young Patient Ends Years of Seizures With Treatment at Mount Sinai Epilepsy Program
The removal of a small tumor ended Ravi Ghotra’s seizures - and inspired him to become a doctor

For Patient With Brain Disorder, Déjà Vu Was The First Sign Something Was Wrong
Rodrigo Menezes is grateful to the Mount Sinai team that helped him control his seizures during the COVID pandemic.

Athlete Finds A Team To Help Her Beat Multiple Sclerosis
Ten years ago Jessica March thought her life was over. She says being a part of the Corinne Goldsmith Dickinson Center for Multiple Sclerosis has helped her and her family so much.

Minimally Invasive Procedure Rids Epilepsy Patient Of Seizures
When Matthew Mann’s epilepsy became drug-resistant, his care team used minimally invasive treatment to stop his seizures.

Aussie Architect Is On Road to Recovery After Months in Neuro-ICU
Amelia Dass expresses her thanks for the “strength, support, and safety” provided by the skilled team of epilepsy specialists that cared for her.

Mount Sinai Brain Surgeon Removes A Cavernous Malformation to Stop Patient’s Seizures
Alan Feigenbaum “gets his life back” after neurosurgery for a cavernous malformation.