Neuro-Infectious Diseases

Neuro-infectious diseases are infections that affect areas of the brain. At Mount Sinai Health System, we offer unparalleled care for a range of neuro-infectious diseases including neuro-AIDS, neuro-HIV, neurosyphillis, and meningitis. Our highly skilled neurologists and specially trained staff are equipped with years of experiences in treating these challenging conditions. 

NeuroAIDS Program

NeuroAIDS is any neurologic condition stemming from an HIV infection. The Mount Sinai NeuroAIDS Program provides compassionate, comprehensive care to HIV-positive patients with neurological disorders such as dementia, neuropathy, brain infections, and disorders of the spinal cord and muscle. Our specialists have made significant contributions to the field of NeuroAIDS and continue to conduct research and provide education with the goal of improving the day-to-day lives of patients affected by these conditions. 

NeuroAIDS Research

The Mount Sinai NeuroAIDS team is committed to developing new and effective treatments for the neurological complications of HIV infection. With today’s widespread use of combination antiretroviral therapy, our work has turned toward the neurologic problems faced by people living with chronic HIV, such as peripheral neurpoathy and chronic pain. We have several ongoing clinical research protocols, and our patients can participate in clinical trials.

We work closely with the Manhattan HIV Brain Bank, which focuses on the neurologic, neuropsychologic, psychiatric, and neuropathologic manifestations of HIV infection and HIV-associated issues.