Headache and Facial Pain

The Mount Sinai Health System is well known for our skill in diagnosing and treating chronic and acute headaches and other painful disorders of the skull, brain, and face. Our dedicated team of experts is skilled in specialties including neurology; anesthesia; ear, nose, and throat; dentistry; neuroradiology; and neurosurgery.

The diagnostic process begins with us learning as much about you and your symptoms as possible. Once we confirm your appointment, we will send you a questionnaire and ask you to complete a headache diary. In addition, please bring all pertinent radiological studies, blood study results, and referring physician records to your initial visit. 

After we review your medical history and all of these documents, we conduct a comprehensive physical and neurological examination. We then develop a diagnosis and customized treatment plan. Our specialists sit with you and explain what you can anticipate in terms of medications, side effects, and length of treatment, and answer any questions you might have. We encourage your family members to participate in these conversations, as headache and facial pain affect most close relationships in numerous ways.