Treatments for Headaches

The Mount Sinai Headache and Facial Pain Center provides treatment for patients with chronic and acute headaches or migraines. To evaluate your situation, we conduct a thorough review of your current symptoms and perform a complete neurological exam. Based on this assessment, we map out a treatment plan personalized to your needs that may use both medication and non-medication therapies.

Medications for Headaches

We offer individually tailored medication regimens to help you start feeling better quickly and help prevent headaches from returning. We are at the forefront of research in the field and can provide new medications as they become available.

When a headache does not respond to medications at home, we can provide intravenous medication at our infusion center, so you do not have to go to an emergency room. We can give infusions as a one-time dose or repeated over several days. If your headache becomes unbearable, we can admit you to the hospital for more intensive round-the-clock treatment.                   

Botox Treatments         
Onabotulinium toxin A (Botox) treatments are the only treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for chronic migraine. These treatments can help reduce both the frequency and intensity of headaches. We can provide these treatments in an office setting.

Biofeedback for Headaches

Biofeedback—a technique that uses electrical sensors to gather information about your body that you can use to help control its functions—is useful as both a primary and supplemental treatment for migraine, tension headache, and other pain syndromes. It is particularly helpful in children and patients who cannot take medications because of side effects or other medical conditions, or for women who are pregnant. Biofeedback enables you to gain control over your body’s physical response to pain. We offer biofeedback for those ages eight and above.

Therapeutic Procedures for Headaches

If medication is not enough to alleviate your headache and migraine pain, we can offer treatments such as occipital and supraorbital nerve blocks, trigger point treatments, radiofrequency ablation, and nerve stimulators.