Patient Safety at The Mount Sinai Hospital

Improving the use of antibiotics is an important patient safety and public health issue. Even appropriate use of antibiotics can cause harm. To improve the quality of your loved ones’ care, Mount Sinai has dedicated program aimed at improving antibiotic prescribing. Your healthcare providers will explain to you why you do or do not need antibiotics and the risks and benefits of prescribing antibiotics for your current medical condition.

Programs We Use – The Mount Sinai Hospital

At The Mount Sinai Hospital, we focus on people as well as systems. Two programs we are especially proud of are:

Patient Safety Wednesdays: This is our employee rounding program focused on patient safety. We provide formal discussion on patient safety topics to our rounding teams who consist of leaders throughout The Mount Sinai Hospital. We follow this discussion with more informal rounding and teaching on assigned inpatient and outpatient units. We focus on the latest evidence-based practice. You may see us gathered at the nurse’s station sometimes. It is an opportunity to share with staff and have staff share with us what safety concerns they may have.

Great Catch Program: At The Mount Sinai Hospital, we promote open and honest dialogue with our staff, patients, and family members when adverse events arise. To support this culture, we recognize staff who identify safety concerns and act to prevent patient harm. If an employee sees a potential problem and reports it, we acknowledge that person as a patient safety ambassador. We reward employees who act to prevent harm. We celebrate our Great Catch Award winners. Our goal is to avoid patient harm. We are proud of our employees who practice with patient safety top of mind.

For more information about Patient Safety Rounds and the Great Catch Program, or to report safety concerns at The Mount Sinai Hospital, contact Risk Management at 212-241-7987 or email