Rehabilitation Center

The Mount Sinai Health System’s Rehabilitation Center strives to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services for people with disability and to educate others about their diverse needs while conducting groundbreaking research to enhance patient health, mobility, self-care skills, quality of life, and integration into the community.

This specialty report highlights:

  • A 37-year-old patient with paraplegia who returned to his job, stays fit at the gym, and recently completed his sixth marathon.
  • The Mount Sinai Injury Control Research Center’s five-year study, funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of the relationship between traumatic brain injury and criminal behavior
  • A pilot study exploring the safety and feasibility of using a powered exoskeleton for persons with multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • A report on the Sports Medicine program in the Mount Sinai Health System, a robust interdisciplinary program that has become a leader in research and fellowship training
  • The story of a mergers and acquisitions attorney who became a paralysis advocate, co-founding New Yorkers to Cure Paralysis, following a spinal cord injury