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"Culture of Patient-Centric Innovation at Mount Sinai"

  • Tech Transfer Central
  • New York, NY
  • (July 24, 2019)

With 40 full-time employees, Mount Sinai Innovation Partners at the Mount Sinai Health System is one of the larger commercialization offices. Last year, the office engaged with 717 inventors and handled 128 disclosures and 209 patent filings. Behind those numbers are a bevy of programs and strategies that make MSIP an organization to watch and model. “We have a very healthy and productive culture that is focused on what we think of as commercially relevant translational research that ultimately may be able to benefit patients within the institution,” said Erik Lium, PhD, executive vice president of Mount Sinai Innovation Partners. He added, “Even if you’re pursuing very early-stage, pure discovery based-research, there’s a culture that says, ‘let’s still think about how this might benefit a patient someday.” Cynthia Cleto, MSc, associate director of marketing and outreach at Mount Sinai Innovation Partners said, “We actually expect folks from across the New York State life science ecosystem.” She added, “We’re thinking New York, we’re thinking our local ecosystems, so we’d like to include anybody who is interested: graduate students, postdocs, and professionals in the legal profession.”

— Erik Lium, PhD, Executive Vice President, Mount Sinai Innovation Partners

— Cynthia L. Cleto, MSc, Associate Director, Marketing Outreach, Mount Sinai Innovation Partners


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