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"Mount Sinai’s Transgender Center Executive Director Says Transgender Health Care Should Be Mainstreamed" - Caroline Lewis

  • Crain's New York
  • New York, NY
  • (June 07, 2018)

Dr. Joshua Safer has become executive director of Mount Sinai's Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at a time when demand for hormones, gender-affirmation surgery and other medical services for transgender people is booming. The center saw more than 1,000 people on an outpatient basis in the past year and performed nearly 500 surgeries in the past two years, with only one full-time surgeon on staff. Volume is expected to grow when the center hires a second full-time surgeon next month. Safer spoke with Crain's Caroline Lewis about the future and challenges of transgender medicine. “We are not doing what some institutions are doing, which is finding the thing that pays the best, like surgeries. We are being thoughtful about leveraging all of the patients' needs and all the potential revenue sources and figuring out how we can do what we think is right,” Dr. Safer said about how Mount Sinai sets itself apart in serving transgender patients.

- Joshua Safer, MD, Executive Director of The Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Mount Sinai, Senior Faculty, Endocrinology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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