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"Going Digital In HealthCare"

  • Cheddar TV
  • New York, NY
  • (April 03, 2018)

Mount Sinai Health System has announced it is building a facility in the newly-developed Hudson Yards complete with streamlined access to healthcare professionals for all Hudson Yards employees, residents, and their families. Niyum Gandhi, executive vice president and chief population health officer at Mount Sinai Health System said, “As we thought about this practice, the base technology that we use for all of our practices is our electronic medical records. This allows us to document what’s happening with the patients and share information among providers, that’s the base that we are using across the practice. However, as we think about what’s needed for Hudson Yards, a lot of people have really busy lives and are on the go, we needed to make access more digitally enabled across the board.” He added, “We have been looking at what we can augment that we normally do to really make things consumer centric and easier to interact with.”

  • Niyum Gandhi, Executive Vice President, Chief Population Health Officer, Mount Sinai Health System

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