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"Smaller, Non-Surgical Heart Pacemaker Being Tested For Use in United States"

A new study is testing an experimental pacemaker, smaller than a triple A battery.

  • CBS 2 News
  • (March 07, 2014)

The device doesn't even require surgery to implant. Researchers at The Mount Sinai Hospital were the first in the United States to implant the new pacemaker. Surgeons use a catheter to guide the device up through a vein in the leg and screw it directly into the heart muscle. Vivek Reddy, MD, Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), and Director of Arrhythmia Services at The Mount Sinai Hospital, said the procedure takes five to ten minutes and the recovery is also faster. Patient Gregory Dobin, the first patient in the U.S. to receive the new leadless pacemaker shared his story with CBS 2 News.

-Dr. Vivek Reddy, Professor, Medicine, Cardiology, Director, Arrhythmia Services, The Mount Sinai Hospital

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