Charlie Rose - "Jeff Hammerbacher Profile"

 – March 21, 2013  –– 

Jeff Hammerbacher has been working with doctors at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to analyze data related to genetics and organ health. "What I am hoping to achieve is provide them a scalable infrastructure for data storage and analysis so that the scientists at Mount Sinai can do their jobs faster at a lower price," said Mr. Hammerbacher. "Ultimately I would like to be able to use that infrastructure in the short term to improve the quality of health care delivery, lower the cost of health care deliver, potentially discover new therapeutics or diagnostics and integrate these new genomic data sets with existing traditional electronic health care records so the patient and physician can see that. And at the very long term what really draws me to the medical domain is an interest in understanding how the brain works and in particular how the brain breaks." Learn more