New York Daily News - Dr. Celia Divino: "Daily Checkup: Carcinoid Tumors Have a Variety of Symptoms"

There are 11,000-15,000 new cases of carcinoid diagnosed every year in the U.S., and an estimated 115,000 Americans are currently living with the disease.

New York, NY
 – April 27, 2014  –– 

"Carcinoid is a malignant gastrointestinal (GI) tumor that secretes hormones that can affect every organ from the eyes to the liver to the heart," said Celia Divino, MD, Chief of the Division of Surgery, and Professor of Surgery at The Mount Sinai Hospital. "In the past, carcinoid tumors were assumed to be benign, but they're not — they're a slow-growing cancer that is a type of neuroendocrine tumors." Learn more