NY Daily News - "Mood Disorders are Now Seen as Common in Children and Adolescents"

New York, NY
 – January 30, 2013  –– 

Vilma Gabbay, MD, MS, Chief of the Pediatric Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program, says mood disorders are now considered common in children and adolescents and that parents and schools should be alert for changes in well-being. Whereas 20 years ago doctors thought mood disorders such as major depression and bipolar existed only in adults, Dr. Gabbay says today’s experts are more aware that such conditions are very common before adulthood and most often appear during adolescence. “These pediatric mood disorders can manifest as an alteration in mood, whether as depression – as a low-level mood – or bipolar, which alternates between low mood and high feeling,” says Dr. Gabbay. Read more