The Wall Street Journal - The Summer of Yankee Pain

New York, NY
 – July 25, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez suffered a non-displaced fracture of the fifth metacarpal on his left hand when he was struck by an 88-mph Felix Hernandez changeup. Because the fracture was non-displaced – meaning that the bone is not out of line – the rehab and recovery are relatively straightforward, according to Dr. Michael Hausman, vice chair of the department of orthopedics at The Mount Sinai Hospital and a specialist in hand, elbow and shoulder injuries. "The bone is well on its way to healing somewhere within four to six weeks, depending on where it's broken and how badly it's broken… once it heals, there will probably be an additional couple of weeks before he's really comfortable using it," Dr. Hausman said.  Learn more