Everyday Health - "Best Access for Heart Procedures Is the Wrist"

Reaching the heart through the wrist rather than the groin improves patient outcomes for heart procedures like angioplasty, but the United States lags behind in adopting the safer method.

New York, NY
 – June 10, 2013  –– 

Doctors around the world are opening clogged arteries in the heart by going through blood vessels in the wrist rather than the femoral artery in the groin when performing angioplasties and related procedures, but United States cardiologists have been slower to adopt the safer treatment method. According to Samin Sharma, MD, a Cardiologist and Director of Clinical and Interventional Cardiology at Mount Sinai, "This is a hot topic." At Mount Sinai we do about 12 to 13 percent radial, which is increasing, just as in the paper.” Radial PCI refers to access through the radial artery in the wrist; groin access is usually through the femoral artery.

-Dr. Samin K. Sharma, Director, Clinical and Interventional Cardiology, Dean of International Clinical Affiliations, Professor, Medicine, Cardiology, The Mount Sinai Medical Center

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