Breast Cancer, Endocrine Disruptors & Early Puberty

Monday, November 30, 2009
Stern Auditorium
Icahn School of Medicine
New York, New York

To introduce this topic, Philip J. Landrigan, MD, MSc provided an outline of endocrine disrupting chemicals. Following his introduction, Alisan Goldfarb, MD presented an overview of breast cancer. In “Current Patterns and Trends in Breast Cancer,” she identified risk factors and explained how environmental factors contribute to increased occurrences of breast cancer.

Next, Maida P. Galvez, MD, MPH discussed the role of environmental factors in early puberty, as early puberty is a potential risk factor for breast cancer. In her presentation, Dr. Galvez summarized how phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) are suspected to lead to early puberty, and she described how the BCERC National Consortium is addressing questions about the role of the environment on early childhood risk factors for breast cancer.

To conclude, Karen Joy Miller, President of the Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition, discussed advocacy and legislative efforts to prevent increased rates of breast cancer, most notably Suffolk County’s ban on BPA in baby bottles.