Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth and Trafficking Victims Services

The commercial sexual exploitation of young people has long been a major public health problem although it is only now gaining the national attention it deserves. Domestic trafficking is widespread in the U.S and is extremely harmful to young people. Those who have already experienced neglect, physical abuse and sexual abuse during their childhood, or who are homeless or have unstable homes, are particularly vulnerable and require services that are sensitive, non-stigmatizing, comprehensive and seamless.

For many years the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center has worked to help victims of commercial sexual exploitation and of trafficking recover from their experiences. As a result our patients are screened for exposure to sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Today, through partnerships with local branches of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security, and a number of NGOs, services are being expanded to help young people identified as victims by these agencies.

At the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center victims are identified and are helped through a non judgmental, fully comprehensive approach to engagement. They receive:

  • A warm welcome and a friendly face ready to help
  • A licensed Master’s Level social worker who is easily reachable and able to help vulnerable young people navigate services
  • Trauma focused individual counseling and psychotherapy
  • Victim support groups
  • Family therapy
  • Advocacy and Legal Help

In addition, we provide health care that addresses all the other health needs of victims of abuse and neglect, delivered in a sensitive and holistic way, including:

  • Comprehensive Primary Health Care
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Care including:
    • Comprehensive Sexuality Education
    • Risk Reduction Counseling
    • Gynecological and complete Reproductive Health Examinations
    • Family Planning and Contraception services
    • Abstinence Support
    • Help with Sexual Decision Making
    • Help with Partner Negotiation and Communication
    • Sexually Transmitted Infection screening, diagnosis and treatment
    • HPV Vaccination
    • HIV Education, Counseling, Testing and Treatment
    • Services for young victims who are Pregnant or Parenting