Teen Parent Services

The Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center Teen Parent Program provides a welcoming place for young parents ages 13-22 and their infants and toddlers. We offer a comprehensive care model that seeks to improve outcomes for both teen parents and their children.

The Teen Parent Program team provides a network of support to our teen parents and their children through a number of confidential, comprehensive services, including medical and mental health care, sexual and reproductive health care, and optical services—all under one roof, at no cost to patients.

If you are a young parent, we invite you to join our program where you and your child can receive medical care together in one visit, at no cost to you.

Call 212-423-3000 to make an appointment for yourself and your child, or email MSAHCTeenParent@mountsinai.org.

The Teen Parent Program consists of:

  • Dedicated pediatricians who provide primary and sexual and reproductive health care for the parents and well-child care for the children.
  • Social workers who perform mental health assessments, and help families navigate various psychosocial hurdles, including housing and food insecurity.
  • A psychology team which performs both developmental assessments for the children (who are at risk for developmental delays) and attachment therapy.
  • A nutritionist who works with each family to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

The focus is on providing young parents with the tools to stay healthy, build resiliency, create strong family bonds, and continue to pursue academic and employment goals.