Pregnancy & Pregnancy Prevention

We believe that every young person has the right to free, confidential pregnancy counseling and to get the care they need.

Many young people have questions, like “How does pregnancy happen?” or “How can I avoid getting pregnant?” Others may be worried they are pregnant or wonder about their options and choices. We help answer these questions and make sure young people have the services they need, including pregnancy testing, counseling, and care.

In our youth-friendly space – designed especially for young people – we offer:

  • Education and information about pregnancy and prevention
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Physical examination
  • Family planning
  • Help with options: If you are pregnant, what are your choices?
  • Helping young people understand sexual decisions
  • Abstinence support
  • Dealing with peer pressure
  • Teen parenting support
  • Help talking to your child
  • Help talking to your parent

Our health educators also reach out into the community to engage and educate young people in schools and community centers. Our S.P.E.E.K. sexuality education program utilizes adolescent peer educators ages 16 to 19 (under adult supervision) to work with young people in various communities).