LGBTQ Health Services

Our health providers, counselors and support staff are committed to ensuring that all young people coming to Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center have access to high quality, comprehensive medical and mental health care with sensitivity and compassion and in a confidential setting, regardless of sexual expression or gender identity.

The Center provides medical and mental health services specifically designed to meet the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adolescents, including:

  • Primary medical care including routine health care physicals
  • Comprehensive STI evaluation and treatments
  • Comprehensive health education that is LGBTQ sensitive
  • Routine HIV testing and counseling.
  • Routine vaccination with appropriate immunizations
  • Individual and family psychotherapy around all mental health issues including coming out issues
  • Coming out support groups for youth

Transgender Health Services

We believe that transgender, gender questioning, gender non-conforming, and gender variant youth are entitled to medical and mental health care that is compassionate and sensitive to their specific needs. We strive to have a thorough understanding of every individual patient to gain an understanding of their own personal experience of gender non-conformity.

Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center offers transgender health programs that can be individually tailored to fit the different needs of teens and their families.

Services include:

  • Primary medical care including routine health care physicals
  • Specialty endocrine care that includes evaluation of medical readiness and prescriptions for cross gender hormones or puberty blockers
  • Gender experienced mental health clinicians providing individual and family psychotherapy in gender transition issues
  • Legal assistance with guidance toward gender and name changes.
  • Comprehensive health and sexuality education.
  • Weekly support group for youth and social activities including museum trips, movie outings, and outdoor activities
  • A friendly and fun support group
  • Informational workshops for parents and guardians.
  • Risk reduction for all youth
  • Fertility and pregnancy education for patients and families