Stay in Touch with Health Squad

The Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center has recognized the need for a simple, confidential tool for teens and young people everywhere to get answers to important and sensitive questions, manage their reproductive health and educate and inform young people everywhere about issues that affect their well-being, lives and relationships through this easy to use and simple app.

With Health Squad, available in iTunes and Google Play, young people can:

  • Get important health and wellness information in a confidential manner from qualified, trained experts in adolescent medicine
  • Create a passcode protected profile as either a patient of the MSAHC, or as a non-patient with access to all but the patient specific features of the app
  • Ask a question and get a response from a qualified provider within 1 business day
  • Keep or discard questions and answers - it’s up to you
  • Get notifications related to health, wellness, events and myth busters, including tips specific to teen parents - good things to know about babies and taking care of them
  • Create your own medication reminders - either to take or get a refill. For example, set up a daily reminder to take your birth control pill or get your birth control refill from your provider
  • Receive automated appointment reminders (patients of the MSAHC only)
  • Brief tutorial for how to use the app