Mount Sinai Heart

Our team of award-winning physicians has invigorated the science of cardiovascular medicine, pioneering treatments for arrhythmias, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular disease, and vascular disease.

This specialty report highlights:

  • Mount Sinai’s top cardiologist, who co-chairs a national panel on the future of global health
  • The Fuster-BEWAT score, which is found to predict subclinical atherosclerosis without lab tests
  • The ReChord trial, which is advancing minimally invasive mitral valve repair
  • A study that reveals a direct link between surgeon experience and outcomes for mitral valve operations
  • Two physicians at Mount Sinai’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab who received a top safety rating
  • The Bifurcaid app, a new teaching tool for a challenging procedure
  • A clinical trial testing a therapy for patients with ventricular arrhythmias that resist standard treatment
  • The STRIVE project, which traces the “heart-brain” mechanisms linking stress and cardiovascular risk
  • Remote monitoring that improves readmission rates for patients with congestive heart failure
  • Gene therapy that improved heart function in pigs and is set for human trial
  • A study that focuses on outcomes for women and minorities who receive PCI with drug-eluting stents