Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery

The Mount Sinai Health System’s departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery are excited about building and integrating our clinical programs across New York City—and throughout the region, nation, and world—and bringing new advances in neuroscience into clinical practice.

This specialty report highlights:

  • A multicenter trial in the United States, led by Mount Sinai, to evaluate the performance of Gliolan® (5-ALA) for fluorescence-guided surgery of brain tumors 
  • Mount Sinai is only one of a few sites in North America to use a specific combination of integrated neurological tools for preoperative simulation, intraoperative navigation, and microscope integration, along with 3D printing, to treat brain tumors 
  • The development of a novel technique for a devastating form of stroke called Stereotactic ICH Underwater Blood Aspiration (SCUBA) that is offering promising results in minimally invasive hematoma evacuation
  • A stereo-EEG technique, a minimally invasive approach to recording a three-dimensional map of the seizure onset and propagation in the brain, that has been successfully treating pediatric epilepsy that is refractory to standard management 
  • Mount Sinai clinician-scientists pioneering the investigation of a new imaging agent used with PET to detect and monitor the progression of repetitive traumatic brain injury in patients with a history of concussion