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Why Are Lots of Kids Likely to be Sick This Holiday Season?

  • The New York Times
  • New York, NY
  • (November 28, 2022)

Florian Krammer, PhD, co-wrote an opinion article on how to deal with a surge of multiple viruses this winter, which includes COVID-19, influenza viruses, coronaviruses, rhinoviruses, and more. He said, “The world has learned so much about viruses and immunity during this pandemic and it’s time to engage in discussions about how to better control respiratory virus infections in general. These viruses cause substantial strain on the health care system and the economy. Flu viruses alone can cause up to around 50,000 deaths per year in the United States. Investing in measures like improving ventilation systems‌‌, especially in schools, could lower the spread of many respiratory viruses. Wearing masks on public transportation can protect you in periods of high transmission. Strict adherence to staying at home when sick—and policies so people can afford to do so—can also significantly reduce infections.

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