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“What Made the Difference? How One Brooklyn Hospital Survived its Deadliest Spring.” - Anna Silman

  • New York Mag
  • New York, NY
  • (June 09, 2020)

Mount Sinai Brooklyn was hit hard by COVID, and despite fearful moments and long exhausting days, the hospital has made it through to the other side. Hospital President Scott Lorin and team are now conducting a “hotwash” to evaluate how they managed the crisis - quick decision making, team work, the support of the System, and flexibility key. From around the Mount Sinai System, 150 volunteers helped the hospital weather the storm, and employees took on new and varied roles and responsibilities to help the team through. “The virus was a stress test for the medical system, finding its weaknesses but also summoning its strengths. COVID wasn’t a single tsunami that pummeled MSB; rather, it was “crests after crests, day after day, waves and waves of tsunamis,” says Lorin. “It’s not that you’re making rapid, courageous decisions or actions for a few days; you’re doing it every day, and it’s constantly evolving,”’ said MSB President Scott Lorin. The cavalry turned out to be led by Linda Valentino and Michael McCarry, two senior nurses from the main campus.

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