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"What Restaurants, and the Rest of Us, Get Wrong About Food Allergies" - Katherine J. Wu

  • PBS
  • New York, NY
  • (April 24, 2019)

Around a quarter of food establishment personnel are under the false impression that customers can safely consume a small amount of the foods they’re allergic to, and about a third think drinking water can dampen the severity of an ongoing reaction. Scott Sicherer, MD, director of the Elliot and Roslyn Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at The Mount Sinai Hospital said, “People in a restaurant don’t want you to get sick. But they may not know everything they need to know to make sure you don’t get sick.”

— Scott Sicherer, MD, Director, Elliot and Roslyn Jaffe Food Allergy Institute, The Mount Sinai Hospital, Chief, Division of Allergy and Immunology, Professor, Pediatrics, Allergy and Immunology,  Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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