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"Parents Urged To Prioritize Their Kids’ Eye Exams"

  • CBS News
  • New York, NY
  • (August 30, 2018)

The American Optometric Association says 25 percent of children wear or need glasses by the time they enter kindergarten. Doctors now recommend that parents have the eyes of their school-aged children checked every year. Taimesha Frempong, MD, a pediatric ophthalmologist at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai said, “Obvious signs that a child may have trouble seeing would be eyes that don’t stay straight, eyes that shake, eyes that wander, poor fixation and poor tracking. Another sign could be as simple as squinting when looking at things far away, this may be indication that they need glasses.”

- Taimesha Frempong, MD, Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Medical Education, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Pediatric Ophthalmologist, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai

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