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Dr. Houman Danesh: “New Method Helps ‘Melt’ Away Pain, Other Health Conditions”

The “melt method” may look like your average workout but it is actually much more. The class helps treat pain, insomnia and other conditions.

  • WCBS
  • New York, NY
  • (January 09, 2015)

For many of us, aches and pains are an unpleasant part of everyday life. But now, as CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez reported, gentle movements may be all you need to get rid of them for good, with a technique that helps to roll away the pain. Here’s how it works: specific areas are targeted using a ball or roller with subtle but distinct movements. The movements help connective tissue to be rehydrated, allowing fluids to get into joints and relieve chronic pain. Pain Specialist Houman Danesh, MD, says keeping joints healthy is key to pain relief and good health. “A lot of the points that she’s using to overlap with acupuncture points and also trigger points,” Dr. Danesh said. Learn more