Self Care and Stress Reduction

Live Virtual Calm Classes
Log in to Zoom for these live yoga, mindfulness and other Virtual Calm classes. For class specifics: days, times, see this week's events

We invite you to join Mount Sinai Calm Virtual Classes led by our Calm instructors. Each week we offer daily yoga, meditation, and other types of classes live on Zoom. Take this time for important self-care to experience their calming and healing effects. You may also want to enjoy our videos available on the Calm YouTube Playlist any time and participate as often as you like.

As we tackle the threat of COVID-19 and other stressful world events, self-care, caring for each other, and fostering a calm approach is especially important.

Mount Sinai Calm On-the-Go

To ensure 24/7 access to our programs while protecting you from possible exposure to the coronavirus, we are expanding our on-the-go and virtual offerings. Experience Calm anywhere, especially on the go.

  • Calm On-the-Go
    • Dial-in 4 CALM Mindful Meditations
    • Dial-in Music for Relaxation
    • Free Yoga Classes Online
    • Social Media Groups
  • Personal Consultation Appointments
    • By Phone (as well as in person)
  • Instructor-Led Classes & Workshops
    • Art for Self-Care
    • Mindfulness & Self-Care Offerings
    • Making and Listening to Music
    • Self-Care Workshops
    • Tai Chi
    • Yoga
  • Social Media Groups
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Calm On-the-Go

Available any time, enjoy these free offerings online and by phone at your convenience. We encourage you to take advantage our support with these Calm resources and adopt them as tools to help you cope with and enjoy daily life.

Dial-in 4 Calm

Call 4 CALM (extension 42256) from a Mount Sinai phone, or 212-241-CALM (212-241-2256) to experience a 2-minute guided mindfulness meditation. As the instructor leads you through the focused relaxation, you may be surprised how centered and balanced you feel. Call as often as you like.

Dial-in Music for Relaxation

Call 212-844-CALM (212-844-2256) to reach the Music for Relaxation telephone line. Choose, option 1 for a 3-minute musical recording. Choose option 2 for an instructor-led relaxation exercise with music. These recordings are available in partnership with the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine.

Yoga Online On-Demand

Recorded yoga sessions are offered free of charge through New York Yoga at Click on “Sign In” at the top of the screen. Log in with this email address: and this password: yogayoga. Watch and practice the yoga exercises of your choice at your convenience.

Social Media Groups

Social media at its best can connect you with like-minded people who are interested in sharing helpful insights and information, as do our members on these Mount Sinai social media platforms.

  • Calm Facebook GroupJoin this private Mount Sinai Calm Facebook group to share ideas, tips, and strategies for self-care with like-minded colleagues.
  • Family Caregiver Group: If you are a caregiver for an older adult or other vulnerable loved one, you will find this a safe space for support, education, and resources. Your colleague members are committed to coping with challenges like long-distance, COVID-19, and every day caregiving.
  • Parent Group: Whatever the age your child, you will find other Mount Sinai parents who offer parenting advice for raising and relating to our children, other parents, and the communities where we live. You may join by emailing

Personal Consultation Appointments

By phone or in person, focus on your well-being in an empowering one-on-one conversation and consultation with one of our highly experienced and compassionate licensed social workers. Based on your conversation, you will receive a holistic personal care plan and set of resources that support your overall health. Request an appointment by emailing

Instructor-Led Classes & Workshops

All across the Health System, we offer Mount Sinai Calm classes both during the workday and after working hours.

At this time, as part of our COVID-19 prevention efforts, we are moving our classes online. Watch for updates here and on our social media sites for when and where you can enjoy our many offerings.

Art for Self-Care

With the guidance of an instructor, you will rediscover your creative side through watercolor, drawing and sculpting. Working with various art materials, you stimulate your senses, and discover your talent and rediscover your sense of wonder. Art workshops are both relaxing and fun.

Take Time to Meditate for Self-Care

We offer mindful meditation in various venues throughout the Health System. The Mount Sinai Calm team can arrange to visit departments or units during the workday to conduct mindfulness workshops; we have developed a program designed to meet weekly after hours, and we teach employees how to practice 60-seconds of self-care that incorporates mindfulness. Contact to explore your options.

Self-care mindfulness workshops cover:

  • Meditation/Concentration and Mindfulness
  • Mindful Body Scan
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • Thoughts and Emotions
  • Compassion and Kindness in the Workplace
  • Mindful Eating
  • Mindful Walking
  • Equanimity and Balance

Tai Chi

The deliberate and graceful practice of Tai Chi allows those who practice to ease stress while building strength.


Yoga classes meet throughout the Mount Sinai Health System in person and are available online, and on demand. For more information on all the Yoga offerings, or to be added to the Yoga mailing list, email

We offer the following types of yoga:

  • Slow Flow Meditative Yoga―Integrates breathing and yoga postures at a relaxed pace, is designed for first-timers and beginners.
  • Open Level Vinyasa―Creates a flowing sequence of poses and movements
  • Open Level Flow and Restore Yoga Class―Helps release tension and stress in the body and mind as you develop strength in your core and back.

Please contact us at to learn more.