Mount Sinai Fit for Your Wellbeing

At Mount Sinai, we are passionate about the well-being of you―our faculty, staff, and students. Mount Sinai Fit provides wellness programs and information that empower you with ways that you can use to enhance your ability to become fit and remain fit. We are here to help you remain physically and emotionally strong and through our Wellness Program Fit exercise and nutritional offerings as well as health club discounts available to you through Mount Sinai's Recreation Department.

Fit Programs 

Nutrition: Are you interested in knowing how to choose foods that make you feel good, taste good, and help you maintain a healthy weight? Speak with a personal nutritionist to create your ideal eating plan – learn more

Diabetes Care: Are you at risk for developing or living with diabetes? Speak with clinical experts about the newest lifestyle changes and treatments – learn more

Reach Your Peak Exercise: Do you wish you were more active? Start an exercise program you can do at home or almost anywhere – learn more

Smoking Cessation: Are you still smoking and trying to stop? Speak with a smoking cessation coach for help now – learn more

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Mount Sinai Fit Director

Abby SchwartzAbby Schwartz, RN, MBA
Abby Schwartz is the Director of Mount Sinai Fit within the Employee Wellness Program and Vice President, Disease Management Mount Sinai Health System. She is a clinical-operations professional who focuses her passion for health care in building wellness, care management, and disease management initiatives that drive improvements in health outcomes. She has designed the infrastructure and cultivated medical teams to support the optimal management of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Ms. Schwartz enjoys bringing cooking demonstrations, personal nutrition counseling, diabetes care management, smoking cessation, and digital wellness offerings to Mount Sinai Health campuses for faculty and employees. She leads a team of practitioners who serve patients and employees at primary care, multispecialty, and cardiology practices through New York City metropolitan area.

Meet our Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educators.

To arrange a consultation with one of our Registered Dieticians or Pharmacists and to learn 
about our Diabetes Care Program, Mount Sinai faculty and staff may email