Reach Your Peak to Remain Fit during COVID-19

While spring is here and the days are getting longer, we are restricted by what we can do and where we can go, and in many cases, your workload has changed. The stressors are many, yet it is the perfect time to begin (or refresh) your personal wellness plan. We encourage you to build in moments of exercise and healthy foods.

Reach Your Peak Fitness Camp
During COVID-19 social distancing, it’s important to stay active and to connect with each other. Please join Andrew Randall, certified fitness trainer and your colleagues for 30-minutes of a fun interactive exercise experience. Each Tuesday and Thursday we are live starting at 7 pm on Instagram Live @mountsinai_fit. Please join us. We are here for you.

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Announcing 2019 RYP 3.0 Winning Teams

Congratulations to all of our teams. We are all winners, when we prioritize our health!

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Winning Team: Hemoglobin Trotters
Captain: Cansu Cimen Bozkus
Average Steps:16,252

Mount Sinai 42nd Street
Winning Team: Team Turtle
Captain: Vanessa Rivera
Average Steps: 20,909

Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Winning Team: MSD W. 14th St INNOVATORS
Captain: Allison Sherwood
Average Steps: 19,133

Mount Sinai Brooklyn
Winning Team: The Demolition Crew
Captain: LaShawn Taylor
Average Steps: 8,394

Mount Sinai Corporate Offices
Winning Team: International Steppers
Captain: Nellie Vasquez
Average Steps: 14,602

Mount Sinai Downtown
Winning Team: 3N Lab Elites
Captain: Ayesha Syed
Average Steps: 16,410

Mount Sinai Queens
Winning Team: Purple Team-Radiology
Captain: Veronica
Average Steps: 14,049

Mount Sinai Morningside
Winning Team: Happy Feet St. Luke's
Captain: Florence Paolici
Average Steps: 10,154

Mount Sinai West
Winning Team: WE Stride Together
Captain: Rachel Nelson
Average Steps: 14,414

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai
Winning Team: Feed the Burn
Captain: Ruby Paneque
Average Steps: 11,914

Offsite Physician Practice
Winning Team: The Power Steppers
Captain: Charlene Carroll
Average Steps:12,702

South Nassau Communities Hospital
Winning Team: F1 Steps and Stitches
Captain: Julia Biernacka
Average Steps: 15,022

The Mount Sinai Hospital
Winning Team: Big Little Thighs
Captain: Raquelle Agranoff
Average Steps: 22,931

We hope all of you will be participating in our next Reach Your Peak walking Challenge.

To reach your peak, you may want to start your own RYP exercise and walking challenge. You can even invite friends, family, and colleagues to join you while maintaining a safe social distance.

Enjoy our RYP Exercise Videos and use the step-tracking tool of your choice.

What Is Reach Your Peak?

Designed to reinforce the benefits of setting, achieving, and sustaining personal health goals, RYP encourages you to increase the number of steps you take walking each day. RYP also encourages you to include exercise and healthy food choices into your life.

Start by tracking the number of steps you take on a regular day. Aim to improve your step count every day! Any increase to the number of steps you take will benefit your health.

RYP Exercise Videos

Enjoy these RYP exercise videos. Each features impactful stretches and exercises that will give you added strength. These exercises are easy to do almost anywhere and is designed to help you keep fit by moving.

Join us Thursday evenings at 7 pm on Instagram live for 30-minutes of exercise together.

More to come.

Track Your Steps

Track steps using a personal activity tracker or a mobile App. Trackers you may want to consider:

Start by tracking the number of steps you take on a regular day. Aim to improve your step count every day! Any increase to the number of steps you take will benefit your health; 10,000 steps per day is the suggested goal for RYP 3.0 participants.


If you have questions about Reach Your Peak or for more information, email us at

Employees who add exercise and walking to daily routines say the following. Let their words inspire you!

“The Reach Your Peak Challenge gave me an opportunity to up my walking game daily with my team.  I have been walking 5 - 7 miles per day for over 2 years now and I have lost over 30 pounds.  Walking consistently has also helped me maintain excellent blood glucose numbers along with healthy eating.  I am grateful for the challenge and all the perks that come with it.  Looking forward to the next challenge.” 

Valerie Ruffin
Executive Assistant, IT

"I am very excited to hear about the new Reach Your Peak Wellness challenge! I loved being a captain during the 2017 Reach Your Peak challenge. This initiative was so fun because I watched the transformation of some of my colleagues. They went from thinking “oh this is something I couldn’t possibly do” to putting up some of the highest numbers in the health system!"

Bethany Kranitsky, MD
Associate Chief, Division of Hospital Medicine

“I really enjoyed the challenge as a means of motivation to stay active during the colder winter months.  As a captain, I found it very encouraging to see how many of my colleagues wanted to participate and how well they did. It’s nice to have a little competitiveness in your subconscious all day long to walk as many routes as you can and never really be idle.”

Benjamin McCauley
Team Captain, Next Generation Starfleet
Project Manager – The Institute for Next Generation Healthcare
Icahn Institute and Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences

"This was a great experience for my team members  to get motivated daily to increase their cardiac workout and to become more fit. I enjoyed being a team captain and challenging my team Members to strive to do better. I took pride that I had such a hard working team that lead us to victory."  

Allegra Lee, MD
Team captain for the Pacemakers of MSQ

"The Reach Your Peak challenge was a great experience and a valuable team building exercise. We learned to be accountable to each other in order to succeed and we really learned a lot about each other. It also helps to have Mena Singh on your team who will push you if you’re slacking."

Brian Shih, Team Captain, Push up Champs
Mount Sinai Health System, Finance Department

"Reach Your Peak was a great team building experience for my department and a way to start a conversation about being healthier by moving more and eating better. I felt extremely proud of my team week after week when I saw their step counts and, of course, when we won!"

Meredith Price, MS, RD, CDN
Team Captain Feed The Burn
Clinical Nutrition Manager
Registered Dietitian
New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai
Food and Nutrition Services

"Reach Your Peak challenge provided me ‘the vehicle’ to touch, move, and inspire our diverse Food and Nutrition Services Department to focus on our own  health and well-being ‘one step at a time’. Go Team Shredders to repeat #1!!!"

Lisa Yeung MS, RD, CDN
Director, Food Services - MSH

"I truly enjoyed the friendly competition of the Reach Your Peak Step Challenge. As a runner and consistent 10K-a-Day step tracker to begin with, I was surprised at how much some peer support and competition drove me to up my step totals to a Reach Your Peak season average of over 100K a week. When the program began the 100K week total was something I had rarely accomplished and viewed as a lofty and foolish goal to aim for.  But as a team we all found ways to add more steps into our daily routine and by halfway through the season I was surprisingly hitting over 100K every week. But I think the most important result of the program was to have noticed that every single member of our team improved from where they started.  People's individual starting points may have greatly varied, but everyone's weekly totals climbed as the season progressed.  It was a lot of fun, it changed our daily routines in a healthy and active way, and we look forward to the next Reach Your Peak challenge."

Steve Fecteau
Senior Instructional Designer Talent Development & Learning, Human Resources