Reach Your Peak to Enhance Your Well-being

Watch for 2023 RYP, coming soon!

We encourage you use this Gratitude Journal to take some time each morning and evening to appreciate the good things in your life! Simply, fill it in each day online, or print and write in your journal to help you become more aware of your daily moments of enjoyment and enhance your well-being.

Start today or any time while setting the intention to walk a bit more each day. It is a great way to add an important wellness practice to your daily routine. Reach Your Peak (RYP)and the other Calm and Fit offerings available here are designed to help you improve your overall health as just one way Mount Sinai is committed to helping you sustain and enhance your well-being.

Enjoy the Challenge to Enhance Your Well-being

The Mount Sinai Wellness team invites you to think of ways to enhance your well-being: from exercise and nutrition to socializing (safely). Employees are welcome to enjoy discounted fitness programs through Mount Sinai's Recreation Department as well as our many exercise videos.

Refer to these Frequently Asked Questions about Reach Your Peak – Enjoy the Challenge.

Ways to Track Your Steps

Track steps using a personal activity tracker or a mobile App. Trackers you may want to consider include these 12 Best Step Counter Apps to Meet Your Fitness Goals, or one of these:

Start by tracking the number of steps you take on a regular day. Aim to improve your step count every day! Any increase to the number of steps you take will benefit your health.

How to Record Your Total Weekly Steps

Be counted! Report your total weekly steps each Monday going forward by logging in to the RYP form with your MSHS email address and password to record your week’s progress: the total number of steps you took during the previous seven days Monday through Sunday. Your team’s or your personal step count (if you are an individual participant), will be captured and shared in a weekly leaderboard here. Note: If you do not have a MSHS email address, for example you are based at Mount Sinai South Nassau (MSSN), please use this RYP MSSN-Other link to report your weekly step count.

Weekly 2022 RYP Leaderboards

More Wellness Practices

Your RYP participation also may include adding other forms of exercise in addition to walking, and self-care practices such as making healthy food choices and taking advantage of our many Calm offerings such as meditation, yoga and much more. 

You may find that during RYP that you will decide to stop smoking, or learn how we can help you live well with diabetes through our Diabetes Care Program or the Diabetes Alliance.

Watch for invitations to our 10-minutes of wellness sessions for inspiration from wellness experts who will share their expertise and personal experiences.

Delicious Foods at a Discount

Enjoy Epicured’s dietitian-approved delicious freshly prepared meals. Mount Sinai Health System employees receive 20% off every order from Epicured when using this discount code: “MSEMPLOYEES.” Learn more about Epicured.

Welcome to RYP from Jane Maksoud

Note: The winners’ prizes may differ in 2022.

Register for RYP 2022 – Enjoy the Challenge by logging in with your MSHS email address and password. Note: If you do not have a MSHS email address, for example you are based at Mount Sinai South Nassau (MSSN), please use this RYP MSSN-Other link to register.

Inspiring Quotes from Past RYP Participants

Let their words inspire you during your Wellness Reset Journey.

“It gave me an opportunity to up my walking game daily with my team. I have been walking 5 - 7 miles per day for over 2 years now and I have lost over 30 pounds. Walking consistently has also helped me maintain excellent blood glucose numbers along with healthy eating. I am grateful for the challenge and all the perks that come with it.”

- Valerie Ruffin
Executive Assistant, IT

"This initiative was so fun because I watched the transformation of some of my colleagues. They went from thinking ‘oh this is something I couldn’t possibly do’ to putting up some of the highest numbers in the health system!"

- Bethany Kranitsky, MD
Associate Chief, Division of Hospital Medicine

“I really enjoyed the challenge as a means of motivation to stay active during the colder winter months. As a captain, I found it very encouraging to see how many of my colleagues wanted to participate and how well they did. It’s nice to have a little competitiveness in your subconscious all day long to walk as many routes as you can and never really be idle.”

- Benjamin McCauley
Icahn Institute and Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences

"This was a great experience … to get motivated daily to increase their cardiac workout and to become more fit.” 

- Allegra Lee, MD
Mount Sinai Queens

“A great experience and a valuable team building exercise. We learned to be accountable to each other in order to succeed and we really learned a lot about each other.”

- Brian Shih 
Finance Department

"Reach Your Peak was a great team building experience for my department and a way to start a conversation about being healthier by moving more and eating better. I felt extremely proud of my team week after week when I saw their step counts and, of course, when we won!"

- Meredith Price, MS, RD, CDN
New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai

"It was a lot of fun, it changed our daily routines in a healthy and active way."

- Steve Fecteau
Talent Development & Learning, Human Resources


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