WNYW-TV - "A Year after Transplant, NY Girl Lives Renewed Life"

 – May 30, 2013  –– 

A year ago, Gabriella Falzarine was too weak to stand on her own. She has FSGS, a kidney disease. Last year, doctors told Gabriella's mom that her daughter may not have much time left. The then-13-year-old girl from Ulster County, NY, desperately needed a new kidney, but several doctors thought she was too sick to be on the donor list. Refusing to give up hope, Dianne, her mom, came to Fox 5 asking for help. That decision changed their lives. After seeing the stories, a Fox 5 viewer decided to give Gabriella a gift no one expected: a kidney. Our cameras were there as Gabriella went in for her transplant at Mount Sinai exactly one year ago. Learn more