WNYC - "Looking at the Big Picture: How Big Data Gets Personal"

 – July 12, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

In the healthcare industry, vast pools of data can be used to develop new drugs, diagnostics or protocols. It can also offer researchers and clinicians the ability to tailor existing treatments to individuals based on the genetic components of their condition. "We try and leverage very, very large-scale data of very, very deep complexity to probe questions about how biology works and that can be used to help patients," said Andrew Kasarskis, co-director of Mount Sinai’s Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology. Recently, Kasarskis and his team – part biologists, part data analysts – gathered around a white board to brainstorm how to use information at hand to understand the condition of an 18-month old with a liver condition. "If we can figure it out and maybe understand it, then hopefully we can come up with a treatment specifically for this child," said Dr. Melissa Wasserstein, director of the Program for Inherited Metabolic Diseases at Mount Sinai’s School of Medicine. Learn more