Wall Street Journal - "Medical Schools Jockey for Research Space"

 – December 13, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

When a massive brick-and glass-building officially opens this week at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, it will herald, doctors there say, a new age of collaboration between researchers and practitioners that "can change the face of medicine." At Mount Sinai, Dean Dennis Charney of the medical school said it began work on the $640 million project—a combination of research space, cancer outpatient clinics, faculty medical offices and a 52-story apartment tower on East 102nd Street—in 2009 because the school had run out of lab space for new research. At Mount Sinai, doctors wanted the new research building to reflect the "gravitas" of the search for disease cures, according to Ben Ciferri, a vice president at Mount Sinai who oversaw the construction. At its center is a 60-foot-high atrium with balconies that serve as patient waiting rooms. Above that is a winding, open central staircase designed to foster collaboration among those working on six floors devoted to research. The cancer clinic was moved to the new building first, on the last weekend in October, just before superstorm Sandy struck the area. That freed up space at Mount Sinai to take in patients evacuated from other hospitals. Learn more