Today's Hospitalist - "New York Hospitals And The Hurricane"

 – January 4, 2013 /Press Release/  –– 

New York hospitalists talking about this October's storm keep repeating one word: "unprecedented." At The Mount Sinai Medical Center, Andrew Dunn, MD, the chief of the hospital medicine division, had, like many other clinicians, brought in clothes to spend the night of the storm. "We helped orient the NYU staff, making sure they figured out our lab system and how to get the right ventilator settings," says Dr. Dunn. Because the units being used were technically anesthesia areas, even the Mount Sinai physicians were handicapped in terms of keeping records. "That's not a place that uses our Epic EMR," he notes, "so we were all operating outside the system." The physicians broke out pharmacy order sheets, sending them physically through pneumatic tubes. "We really did make up a lot of this as we went." Learn more