The Uptowner - "Hit by Affordable Care Act Penalties, Uptown Hospitals Try to Reduce Readmissions"

 – December 19, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

In October, hospitals across the nation began seeing their Medicare reimbursements cut in proportion to the number of patients they were readmitting. The penalties, capped at 1 percent and just one of the reforms rolled into the 2010 Affordable Care Act, have hit New York hospitals hard. Now some hospitals are communicating better with other community health care providers who might not otherwise realize their patients have recently been hospitalized. The Mount Sinai Hospital, which lost 0.89 percent of its 2013 Medicare reimbursement, formed a team of social workers called the Preventable Admission Care Team, or PACT, in 2010 to try to improve health care access for those patients most at risk of returning to the hospital, while sending nurses to deliver care in patients' homes. "Poverty is a main driver," said Claudia Colgan, vice president of quality initiatives at Mount Sinai. Learn more