Reuters TV - "Supreme Courty Rules on Affordable Care Act"

 – June 29, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

The Supreme Court has ruled on President Obama's health care bill, the Affordable Care Act. Hospitals across the country are already adapting to a growing number of uninsured Americans, but the announcement that the individual mandate for health care is constitutional will have very substantial repercussions for the entire industry of medical services. Wayne Keathley, President and COO of The Mount Sinai Hospital, was asked how do we as a society lower these healthcare costs. "You have to lower the burden of disease and you have to change the choices available for treatment," said Keathley. "Start with lowering the burden of disease.  Type 2 diabetes is an epidemic in this country. As long as that continues, and as long as that becomes a prevailing feature in the obese population in America, it will continue to extract a huge economic cost." Learn more