Politico - "Demand for Doctors Soaring As Cuts Loom"

 – March 5, 2013  –– 

Dr. Kenneth L. Davis writes: As House Speaker John Boehner has said, the Affordable Care Act is the "law of the land." The Supreme Court has upheld it. The 2012 election reaffirms it. Whether you love it or hate it, the law is being implemented. The law is welcoming 27 million Americans into the health care system and urging them to find a doctor — a regular source of care. Why? Because research is clear: People with a regular source of care have better health outcomes. Yet at the very moment we are inviting people into the health system, Congress is considering cutting the single source of training that will ensure we have the physicians we need to look after these individuals, by drastically reducing federal funding for graduate medical education. We cannot afford to have national health policy that goes in two opposite directions. Learn more