CNN - "Wind, Rain, Snow And Fire: The Storm That Broke Records - And Hearts"

 – November 5, 2012 /Press Release/  –– 

On Monday night Sandy hammered the East Coast, especially Staten Island and the Jersey Shore. Luz Martinez was watching the news when Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced NYU was being evacuated. Martinez got on her cell phone. She spoke with a nurse who said her daughter Emma would be moved a few miles away to The Mount Sinai Medical Center. Martinez heard back. Emma was safe and stable at Mount Sinai. "She gave me so much peace of mind, just looking at her, sleeping like nothing had happened. She wasn't aware of what was going on." The hospital's CEO, Dr. Kenneth Davis, was making the rounds. He was the one who had agreed to take Emma and other NYU patients into his hospital. He walked into the room, arms outstretched. "You need a hug," he said. Martinez began crying and thanked him. Emma was less than a month old, and yet she'd already been through so much. Her mother has given her a nickname. Warrior. Learn more