Implantable Hearing Aids

For our patients with one sided nerve deafness and good hearing in their other ear or conductive (middle ear) hearing loss that precludes using a conventional hearing aid, the bone-anchored hearing aid, or Baha, can be an excellent rehabilitative option.

The Baha is a device that conducts sound vibrations directly to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. For those with deafness in one ear, the Baha sends the sound signals from the deaf side to the normally hearing opposite side via the bones of the skull. For those with conductive type hearing loss, the Baha transfers sound directly to that ear via the bones of the skull.

An implantable device, the Baha requires a minor surgical procedure and the patient generally returns home the same day. A titanium implant is surgically implanted in a small area behind the ear. The bone behind the ear generally requires three months to bond with the titanium implant. When that occurs, the patient is fitted with the sound processor. The sound processor is programmed on a computer by the audiologist.

Our patients have had very positive experiences. Our single-sided deafness patients often comment that they no longer feel tired at the end of the day, presumably because they are hearing better and not straining to hear. Our patients with conductive hearing loss are very pleased to be hearing from that ear.

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