Patient Safety 

Your safety while you are a patient at The Tisch Cancer Institute is our highest priority. We have a number of ongoing initiatives that ensure patient safety is addressed on a continual basis. This list of activities includes:

Chemotherapy Administration 

All practitioners who provide chemotherapy at Mount Sinai undergo a comprehensive training program, including a web-based tutorial required prior to being granted chemotherapy prescribing privileges. Oncology nurses take part in ongoing ONS (Oncology Nursing Society) training, certification, and competency testing. A centralized review of chemotherapy protocols occurs regularly by a peer committee, headed by Randall Holcombe, MD. This ensures that protocols incorporated in the electronic medical record are evidence-based and supported by standardized guidelines and literature documentation. Quality measures are "hard-wired" into the electronic medical records for chemotherapy administration, including checks on weight, height, and dosages, with alerts to practitioners for orders out of guidelines.

Quality of Care 

Several quality of care initiatives are underway to ensure oncology patients receive the best possible treatment while at The Tisch Cancer Institute. Once such project is a program in Gastrointestinal Medical Oncology, under the direction of Dr. Randall Holcombe, to monitor adherence to national quality benchmarks. Another ongoing project examines the utilization of palliative care services for oncology inpatients, under the direction of Drs. Kerin Adelson and Cardinale Smith. A project was implemented to review education and access to fertility resources for cancer patients, under the direction of Dr. Sonia Reichert.

Performance Improvement Initiatives 

The Tisch Cancer Institute’s Performance Improvement Committee meets monthly to review all cancer-related activities at Mount Sinai Health System. The committee is chaired by Pat Spencer-Cisek, MS, ANP-BC, AOCN, and Randall Holcombe, MD. In addition, hematology/oncology cases are continually reviewed through Mount Sinai’s Department of Medicine. There is also a monthly Hematology/Oncology performance improvement conference.

Patient Education 

As part of our efforts to ensure patients receive the safest, best possible treatment we offer information to our patients on their safety while undergoing cancer treatment. Patients are provided with education from nurses when beginning a chemotherapy regimen. A detailed chemotherapy consent form is in use, which ensures all patients have a comprehensive understanding of treatment goals and objectives, and are fully informed of risks and potential benefits.