Screenings & Educational Programs 2015

Cancer Community Outreach goals for this year are linked to identified health care needs in the surrounding communities.  They focus on prevention, early intervention and follow-up care, as well as access to clinical trials.

2015 outreach goals:

  • Continue to develop the Tisch Advocates Group to increase impact for communities in need
  • Implement quarterly newsletter to provide community with cancer information
  • Increase outreach efforts to Spanish speaking community directed at prevention and early detection
  • Continue to develop awareness of benefits of genetic counseling to support prevention and early detection

Highlights in 2015:

  1. The Tisch Advocates Group, a gathering of community leaders and passionate community members from East and Central Harlem, meet with and advise the leadership of The Tisch Cancer Institute.  The group has developed a mission statement, offered feedback on emerging programs and plans for the future, publications and events, and insight into new community needs.
  2. The Tisch newsletter was published quarterly.  Topics focused on were an Introduction to Tisch, Cancer 101, prostate cancer, and lung cancer.  There were also highlights on volunteer programming and outreach events.  Quarterly newsletters will continue into 2016.
  3. 30% increase in total participation in Colorectal Cancer Programming from 2014
  4. Genetic Counseling App was implemented in the tablets in the Ruttenberg patient waiting areas to provide education regarding Mount Sinai Hospital’s genetic counseling program and the importance of early detection and prevention.
  5. We participated in 18 health fairs this year, with a focus on Northern Manhattan, reaching over 1000 people, distributing cancer education material.

2015 Overview

Breast Cancer

Breast Health Resource Center - offers free clinical breast cancer screenings and education onsite and in the surrounding community.  36 community sites were provides with outreach services this year, generating 229 referrals to Mount Sinai Radiology, 10 referrals to the breast clinic, and 19 other Mount Sinai Hospital referrals. 

  • Total number of participants since January 2015 = 1274
  • 624 individuals participated in educational programs 
  • 270 individuals received clinical breast exams (resulting in referrals for mammograms, sonograms, appts at Mount Sinai Breast Clinic, or referrals to outside clinics and social programs)

Breast and Cervical Cancer

Witness Project of Harlem – offers breast and cervical community-based education and referrals for African Americans.

  • Total number of programs since January 2015= 19
  • Total number of participants since January 2015= 276

The Division of Cancer Prevention and Control plans to deliver at least 12 more programs in 2015. 

Esperanza Y Vida - provides culturally sensitive breast and cervical cancer education and referrals to the Latina population primarily in Spanish.

  • Total number of programs since January 2015= 26
  • Total number of participants since January 2015=315

The Division of Cancer Prevention and Control plans to deliver at least 9 more programs into December 31, 2015.

Gynecologic Cancers

Woman to Woman: Woman to Woman, a collaboration between the Division of Gynecologic Cancer and the Department of Social Work provides emotional support, information, and financial aid to women in treatment for gynecologic cancer and their families using a peer to peer model with survivor volunteers. The 15 Woman to Woman survivor volunteer’s mentor and support women in face t face inpatient and outpatient settings and by phone and email. W2W sponsors bi-annual conferences on wellness and coping with a cancer diagnosis. The most recent conference was titled, “Spirituality and Wellness”.

  • Total number of patient encounters since January 2015 = 315
  • # of participants at the October 2015 Conference = 65

Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer Screening Program - The colorectal screening program of the Division of Gastroenterology and the Department of Oncological Sciences (Cancer Prevention and Control) provides free colonoscopies for low-income uninsured New Yorkers. Funding is provided by the New York City Council and is administered by the American Cancer Society. Mount Sinai has an open-access service to screening colonoscopies and assists patients with their appointments, procedure preparation and transportation. 

  • Total Number for Free Screening (DOH Program):  8
  • Total Number of CRC educational programs since January 2015: 18
  • Total Number Reached at CRC educational programs: 277
  • Total Number of CRC Tabling In-House since January 2015: 3
  • Total Number Reached at CRC Tabling In-House: 72

Witness CARES (Community Awareness, Reach, and Empowerment for Screening) - In order to better understand factors influencing the decisions of African Americans to engage or not engage in colorectal cancer screening, this NCI-funded study will test the ability of two interventions to positively impact decisions concerning health seeking and screening behaviors.  This study aims to examine the efficacy of a narrative communication-style group intervention compared to a standard, fact-based didactic intervention to influence African Americans’ engagement in colorectal cancer screening.  Funded by the NIH, this study is being carried out by both the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control within the Icahn School of Medicine’s Department of Oncological Sciences, as well Roswell Park Cancer Institute  and the University of Buffalo.

  • Total Number of Programs since January 2015: 25
  • Total Number of Participants since January 2015: 404

The Division of Cancer Prevention and Control plans to deliver at least 14 more programs through December 31, 2015.

Liver Cancer

HONE - Hepatitis Outreach Network is a viral hepatitis prevention, screening, and link to care study program focused on minority groups in New York, who are at high risk for chronic Hepatitis B (HBV) and chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV), diseases that have been linked to liver cancer.

  • Individuals screened for Hepatitis B & C since January 2015 = 361

HEALS - Hepatitis C Education and Liver Screening is an outreach program, coordinated by the medical center’s Internal Medical Associates (IMA) primary care clinic, which provides free Hepatitis C testing and free Hepatitis C educational workshops for community based organizations, social services agencies and other community settings throughout New York City.   

  • Individuals screened for Hepatitis C in 2015 =287
  • 70 individuals had positive HCV antibody tests
  • All 70 were referred to the Mount Sinai Primary Care Hepatitis C Program for confirmatory testing and evaluation; 52 of those individuals received a second confirmatory test (a 10% increase from 2014). 
  • Out of that 52, 18 individuals followed up and came for an initial visit.

INSPIRE – Care Coordination program for patients with Hep C.  Program provides peer navigation, accompanying patients to appointments, patient education, etc. 

  • Individuals enrolled in 2015 = 412 
  • 93% (385) have engaged in some form of care coordination (ie alcohol counseling, medical case conferencing, treatment readiness counseling, health promotion).
  • 53% (196) of those in care coordination started treatment.  Of those who started treatment, 49% (97) completed treatment and 36% (35) reached SVR cure of 12 weeks.  Only 10% stopped treatment, and had to due to other comorbid conditions.

Lung Cancer

There are two ongoing CT screening projects for lung cancer and other thoracic diseases, one for smokers and another for non-smokers who have been exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke. Individuals screened in 2015 = over 1100

Two conferences are held per year about the results and advances in screening, as an outreach effort to the community and to the physicians.  The next CME conference is being held at the Hess Building on December 4 and 5; 150 attendees are estimated.

For lung cancer awareness month, there will also be a series of events to build awareness of the prevalence, risk factors for and treatment of lung cancer, and promote smoking cessation.  Mt. Sinai Hospital will host a tabling event for The Great American Smokeout on November 19th.  The Great American Smoke Out, organized by the American Cancer Society, aims to educate, screen, and challenge people to stop smoking.  Information on free services and supplies available for smoking cessation will be provided to participants.

Oral Cancer

Head & Neck Cancer Center – For oral, head and neck cancer awareness month, the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery hosted FREE oral, head and neck cancer screenings in the Guggenheim Pavilion.

  • 154 screened, 17 recommended for follow-up care & 101 requested information to schedule routine check-up

Prostate Cancer

Dean Prostate Health & Research Center - provides free educational material and information at Mount Sinai and in the community.  ***Screening stats are low as PSA are no longer routinely recommended

  • Men’s Health Fair at Mount Sinai – May 2015 – 25 participants
  • Men's Health Event at Mount Sinai – June 2015 - 500 Participants
  • First Corinthian Baptist Church in Harlem, NY for Prostate Cancer Awareness - June 2015
  • 20 Participants, No screenings, 1 Follow-up visit
  • Men's Health Event at Mount Sinai with Push Up Challenge - September 2015
  • 1500 Participants, 66 Prostate Cancer Risk Consultations, 34 blood tests
  • Tesla Drive for Men's Health Event – September 2015 - Held at Roosevelt Hospital to increase awareness of Prostate Cancer (risks and treatments available) and other diseases specific to men.  200 participants, no screenings
  • Two Daily News Check-up articles this year on Kidney Cancer and Prostate Cancer awareness; circulation of 500,000.

Skin Cancer

A series of free onsite skin cancer screenings hosted by the Department of Dermatology:

  • April 11th at Mt. Sinai Hospital - 27 screenings, revealing 1 potential melanoma, 2 possible basal cell carcinomas and 5 possible squamous cell carcinomas.  11 of 27 screened were referred for biopsy. 
  • May 7th at Mt. Sinai Hospital – 101 screenings, revealing 2 potential melanomas, 4 possible basal cell carcinomas and 4 abnormal lesions.  12 of the 101 were referred for biopsy. 
  • May 7th at PACC – 81 screenings, 21 abnormal findings
  • May 7th at St. Luke’s – 21 screenings, 6 abnormal findings
  • May 20th at Roosevelt – 77 screenings, 23 abnormal findings 
  • June 3rd at Atrium Residence – 25 screened; 1 possible melanoma, 6 possible squamous cell carcinomas and 1 possible basal cell. 

The Department of Dermatology provided free melanoma screenings at the following festivals in 2015:

Aspen Ideas Festival - Total number of individuals screened = 726; 35 potential basal cell carcinomas, 11 potential squamous cell carcinomas, and 18 potential melanomas. 

92nd Street Y Annual Street Festival – Total number of individuals screened = 176; 4 potential basal cell carcinomas, 4 potential squamous cell carcinomas.

Ongoing Community Programs

American Cancer Society:   Look Good Feel Better: monthly program onsite; ACS navigators onsite.

Artist in Residence:  onsite/outpatient once per week, onsite/inpatient twice per week

Musicians on Call:  onsite/inpatient once per week

Light One Little Candle:  - Free children’s books provided to patients undergoing treatment available inpatient and outpatient

CLIMB (Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery) – a support program that helps children cope with cancer in their families, provided onsite on monthly basis

Gilda’s Club – provides a weekly outpatient Spanish speaking support group and educational events monthly on pertinent to topics such as fatigue and chemobrain

Cook for Your Life – quarterly sessions available outpatient, which collaborates with onsite nutritionist to provide practical knowledge, tools and inspiration to cook

Other Community Outreach Events

  • Disease Awareness Resource Tables – Held onsite in support of Gynecologic Cancer (September) with National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, The Witness Project and Esperanza Y Vida, and Thyroid Cancer (September); these free events offered information on preventative services and programs.  In addition, the thyroid event offered simple thyroid exams.
    • Total Attendees for Gynecologic Cancer Awareness = over 200
    • Total Participants for Thyroid Cancer Awareness = 94
  • Lung Force Walk – Coordinated through The American Lung Association, the Mount Sinai Pulmonary team walked and raised funds for the organization.
  • Survivorship Day – Annual celebration for survivors offered onsite at Beth Israel.  Total Attendance = 150 patients/family members; Ruttenberg Treatment Center attendees = 25
  • Health Fairs – We participated in 18 health fairs this year, with a focus on Northern Manhattan, reaching over 1000 people, distributing cancer education material.