The Student Experience

The ethos of nursing is caring and empathy. And at the Mount Sinai Phillips School of Nursing, that principle extends throughout our institution—into the curriculum, and how students are cared for every step of the way.

High Tech, High Engagement

From Day One, you will be welcomed and supported at our new state-of-the-art facility in East Harlem. The orientation is immersive and comprehensive. You will be trained on all our systems and resources—from the electronic library to health services to IT services. Students are introduced to all the senior faculty and officials and assigned their academic advisors. Student Services are there to hold your hand and answer any questions that arise. And the facility itself has all the latest equipment that rivals the very best hospitals.

You Are a Valued Part of Mount Sinai

You’ll have the advantage of learning within a world-renowned health system. You are not a visitor—you are a valued member of our health care team right from the start. Your clinical rotations with take place within our eight hospitals and 600 community clinics, and you will see medicine practiced at the highest level. And because Mount Sinai is a reflection of New York City, you will encounter a wide range of health conditions, patients from every walk of life and culture, and doctors and nurses who are at the top of their profession.

Draw Upon the Rich Experiences of Our Faculty

You will be closely mentored, so that you will be able to take advantage of the knowledge and years of experience of our faculty. Our faculty is small enough that each student will get to know each faculty member deeply. However, the diversity of our teaching staff provides students a deep well of experience to draw from. Our faculty have had varied careers, establishing expertise in a broad range of specialties. You will be given the opportunity to explore the many different areas of nursing available to specialize in. You may learn as a group, but you will always be seen as an individual.

Make the Most of Your Strengths

We recognize that each of our students is unique, bringing their own strengths and life experiences to the table. While many of our students have been practicing nurses, many others come from widely varied walks of life—attorneys, Broadway actors, and financial professionals. While many bring skills from previous careers, making a major career change also brings fears and vulnerabilities.

At Mount Sinai Phillips School of Nursing, we will support you through the transition. You will develop your nursing skills and humanistic skills in a safe environment; will learn to manage any fears; and develop your skill sets in a simulated environment before you are ever at the patient’s bedside. Throughout the process, you will be able to build skill sets that reflect your own personal strengths. And while the training may be intense at times, we provide students with tools and resources to support both their physical and mental well-being. We care about our students inside and outside the classroom.

Learn from Other Students, As Well As in the Classroom

For most of our students, nursing is a calling. And that means your fellow students are interesting, passionate people. The diversity of our students’ backgrounds—both culturally and professionally—creates a very rich experience for all. Whether your fellow students are second degree students or working nurses seeking their BSN, they come here with a strong sense of purpose. And because your fellow students bring those experiences to the classroom, it’s a very rich and personal learning environment—one that opens minds in the process.

Everyone at Mount Sinai Phillips School of Nursing Is There to Support You

Students develop close interpersonal relationships with both faculty and staff. This not only facilitates the learning experience, but also handling any non-academic issues. For instance, if a student has a question about financial assistance, they know the person to talk to—not just where the office is located. It’s a fostering environment so students can focus on their studies, their clinicals, and excelling in their licensure. And while the curriculum is an intense 15-month program, students have tools and resources to support both their physical and mental well-being. Inside and outside the classroom, we are there for you.