At the Mount Sinai Phillips School of Nursing, we have a holistic admissions process which allows us to view students in the most balanced way possible. While academics are important, we want to know what else a student has achieved or experienced prior to their application that would make them an ideal nurse.

We recognize the value that you may bring from a previous career. We understand that you bring with you the ability to manage situations and critical thinking skills.

We also recognize people have experiences outside of a job that impact on their ability to be a nurse. Perhaps you cared for an elderly relative, parent, or siblings at home. Perhaps you volunteered as a Big Brother or Sister. Or maybe you developed leadership skills from being a shift manager at a retail store or being a camp leader. Did you have compelling life circumstances to overcome that show your resilience? Did you have economic or social obstacles to rise above?

In short, we want to know about you as a person. And we want to support and guide you throughout the application process. Contact us and talk to us—we’re here for you.

Why Choose the Mount Sinai Phillips School of Nursing?

  • An outstanding education at an affordable price
  • Liberal transfer credit policy for general education courses
  • Academic and peer support programs to ensure success once enrolled
  • Comprehensive financial aid packages available
  • Unique opportunity for advanced study in high demand clinical areas including Critical Care/ED, Peri-Operative, and Community/Home Nursing