Program Outcomes

We support our students to succeed. We prepare students to transition seamlessly to clinical practice, a graduate degree, research, or experiences such as the Peace Corps or other non-governmental organizations. As graduation approaches, you will have access to career workshops and our career portal. Whatever avenue you choose, we are there to support you.

One of the advantages of studying within the Mount Sinai Health System is the vast number of professional contacts you will make. Whatever your goal is, you will most likely encounter people who have done it. You will be able to draw upon their experiences and contacts to take concrete steps toward your ambition.

And once you leave, you really haven’t left us. You still have the opportunity to come back and engage with us for resources or references, or any other support you need as you move through your career. Our alumni association is a valuable resource, available to you at any time. You will always be a lifelong member of the Mount Sinai Phillips School of Nursing community.

It’s also true that the vast majority of our students decide to work within the Mount Sinai Health System. We need you now, more than ever. We have spots for you throughout the Health System. And as your goals change, you can fulfill them at Mount Sinai. Today you may want to be a perioperative nurse and leader in the operating room. Five years from now you may want to go into oncology. We’re here to help you make those transitions—from connections to certifications to continuing education. At Phillips School of Nursing, you have the “people power” behind you to help you move forward. One of the reasons students come into nursing is because there are so many avenues available. And we are here—with guidance and support—to help you explore them.

Program Outcomes


Licensure Rates: NLCEX-RN pass rates for first-time test takers will be at a minimum of 80%.

Year PSON Pass Rate
2023 85.42%
2022  80.46%
2021 73%
2020 83.17
2019  80.56%
2018 84.62%

ABSN Completion Rates

Completion Rates: A minimum of 75% of students entering the program will successfully complete the program within six academic semesters (150% of the expected completion time).

Date of Entry Number of 
Students Began
Graduated in 4 semesters Graduated
in 6 semesters
Totals %
Fall 2021 123 90 9 99 80%
Summer 2021 73 50 10 60 81%
Fall 2020 143 119 4 123 86%
Fall 2019 105 99 4 103 98%
Summer 2019 49 39 8 47 96%

ABSN Employment Rates

Employment Rate: A minimum of 80% of the graduates will obtain employment as registered nurses within twelve months of graduation.

Year of Graduation Percentage Employed
2022 100%
2021     100%
2020 100%
2019 100%
2018   86%

RN-BSN Program Outcomes

1. A minimum of 75% of students will complete the RN-BSN program within three years of enrollment.

Year of Entry  % students graduated within 3 years
2017   100%
2016   100%
2015 93%
2014 80%

2. A minimum of 95% of graduates will state that the program provided them with the knowledge for evidence-based, clinically competent professional practice in the care of individuals, groups and families in a specialty practice setting.

Graduation Year Percentage Satisfied
2019 100%
2018 100%
2017     95%
2016   100%

3. A minimum of 95% of graduates will evaluate the leadership and management opportunities as positive learning experiences.

Graduation Year Percentage Satisfied
2019 100%
2018 100%
2017     100%
2016   100%

4. A minimum of 95% of graduates will rate the opportunities for inter-professional activities positively.

Year of Graduation Percentage Satisfied
2019 100%
2018 100%
2017     100%
2016   100%