State-of-the-Art Facilities, Specifically Designed for Nursing Education

Our facility in East Harlem aligns a high-tech environment with our high-touch mentality. The space, featuring airy classrooms, is specifically designed for future nurses to learn and engage in skills and competencies, and features equipment, resources, and technology that are present in the best hospitals across the nation. From hospital beds, the latest IV machines, medication dispensing systems, mock medical charts, electronic records—all the equipment is at the level of quality and complexity of a leading hospital.

Our High-Tech, High-Touch Clinical Simulation Center

In our state-of-the-art Clinical Simulation Center, students gain experience on a combination of high fidelity and low fidelity simulators. These simulations integrate cognitive and psychomotor skills in a powerful learning experience—one in which the student is challenged to make decisions in real time. Simulations can be run so that, based on artificial intelligence and student interactions, the experience can mimic real life situations. And students experience the consequences or outcomes of those decisions in a safe environment. They have the opportunity to fail safely, and apply that learning to the next time.

The Clinical Simulation Center houses inpatient and primary care settings and a home care apartment. The inpatient setting is equipped with advanced medium and high fidelity adult, birthing, pediatric, and neonatal simulators. The primary care setting is equipped with examination tables and a simulated emergency room bay, for use with standardized patients (actors). Each encounter area has video capture capabilities, which allow students to engage in a debriefing session with faculty in a specially designed seminar suite.

A Welcoming Environment for Learning

Our learning spaces are designed to not only facilitate clinical skills, but to create a holistic, supportive environment for our students. There are wellness areas for meditation, taking medications privately, or to breastfeed. There are areas for socialization with fellow students and faculty. It’s a welcoming space, designed to help students perform at their best.